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Log Wagon-Log Cutter 1100
Log Wagon-Log Cutter 1300
Log Wagon-Log Cutter 1300 New
Log cutter with Disk cleaning machine 1300
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Log Wagon-Log Cutter 1300 New

Log Wagon-Log Cutter 1300 New

LOG WAGON 1300 New

  • The frame of wagon is 6000mm X 1400mm and it is consisted of 4 headblocks and 4 clamps for the tightening of the log. Also has 4 headblocks for the alignment of the log. If the clamps are in front of the headblock, then there is no wastage. Also has 8 arms for the best rotation of the log, so as not to exhaust the headblocks. The diameter of the log that is excepted from the wagon is until 1100mm. Automatic displacement for the endistancement from the saw during the return and with the cut dimension takes automatic endistancement and comes back to its first place.
  • Automatic lubrication to all the abrasion points of the spare parts.
  • On the wagon is a hydraulic group for all the movements of the wagon, with 2 speeds for the smooth and quick reloading of the log, when the headblocks are going backwards.
  • The driving motor of the hole group is 15HP.
  • The wagon's movement during the cut of the log is accompanied by a hydraulic group with a capstan with a clutch for the better movement of the log during the cut.
  • Pumps Driving motor 7,5 HP. There is a computer with 6 - standar dimensions adjustable so as to have the choise of any dimension that we want to.
  • In addition we are able to know the rest of the wood that we have.
  • It is accompanied with an electric board.

  • Log cutter 1300 newLog cutter 1300 new
  • Heavy-duty cast iron structure with solid flywheels also in cast iron at dynamic balancing.
  • Top flywheel support is mounted on slides and ball sliding blocks, which allow a sensitive reaction to the changes of blade tension.
  • Blade guide is equipped with hydraulically operated push guides. When cutting, the blade is pushed out in order to get a greater stability of the blade and higher cutting speeds; during the carriage return stroke, it goes back automatically.
  • Blade guide, blade tension, blade protection and blade braking device are hydraulically operated. Inclination of the top flywheel to adjust the blade projection.
  • The machine is completely enclosed so as to avoid access to dangerous parts. A push-button panel with a mode selector allows the blade adjustment without opening the protections. A polycarbonate window and the inside lighting allow to control the blade during its setting.
  • Centralized lubrication with manual pump.
  • Centralized lubrication of blade and flywheel face.

  • Control Panel   Control Panel

    Control Panel

    Techical data

    • Flywheels diameter mm 1300
    • Flywheel face width mm 170
    • Blade dimension mm 180 X 1.3-1.38
    • Min/max blade length mm 9100/9300
    • Main motor power kW 55
    • Belts type B6-147
    • Weight kg 4000
    • tech


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