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Cutting Machine
Log Wagon-Log Cutter 1100
Log Wagon-Log Cutter 1300
Log Wagon-Log Cutter 1300 New
Log cutter with Disk cleaning machine 1300
Log Wagon-Log Cutter 1500
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High performance two bladed circular saw
Log carrier
Log cutter with Disk cleaning machine 1300
Log cutter with Disk cleaning machine 1300

This is a simple and almost maintenance-free piece of equipment, hydraulically operated.

  • It is used to remove any foreign matters present on the surface layer of the log throughout the whole cutting line. This ensures a longer life to the blade sharpening.
  • The disk cleaning machine is controlled by the feed lever of the log carriage. During the processing, it is lowered through a hydraulic cylinder to lean on the log, and set in action by a hydraulic motor. During the carriage return, it is stopped and raised from the log.
  • The disk cleaning machine can be excluded from the operation schedule by a specific switch.
  • It requires a hydraulic power pack, to be supplied separately for existing log band saws.
  • In case of brand-new machines, the hydraulic power pack will be that of the headrig.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron structure with solid flywheels also in cast iron at dynamic balancing.
  • Top flywheel support is mounted on slides and ball sliding blocks, which allow a sensitive reaction to the changes of blade tension.
  • Blade guide is equipped with hydraulically operated push guides.
  • Blade guide, blade tension, blade protection and blade braking device are hydraulically operated. Inclination of the top flywheel to adjust the blade projection.
  • The machine is completely enclosed so as to avoid access to dangerous parts. A push-button panel with a mode selector allows the blade adjustment without opening the protections. A polycarbonate window and the inside lighting allow to control the blade during its setting.
  • Centralized lubrication with manual pump.
  • Centralized lubrication of blade and flywheel face.

  • technical data

  • Rotation speed of circular blade Rpm 550
  • Diameter of circular blade mm 250
  • Diameter of circular blade hole mm 35
  • Separate hydraulic power pack motor kW 1,1
  • Weight kg 40
  • Flywheels diameter mm 1300
  • Flywheel face width mm 170
  • Blade dimension mm 180 X 1.3-1.38
  • Min/max blade length mm 9100/9300
  • Main motor power kW 55
  • Belts type B6-147
  • Weight kg 4000

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